Conservation Services by Paper Book and Archive

Paper Book and Archive offers a wide range of conservation and restoration practices. At our studio we conservate and restorate artwork on paper, books, documents, and all types of paper and book related objects you wish to preserve for future generations.

Find a non-exhaustive list of our services and type of client below

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Who do we cater to?

- booklovers and book collectors who wish to keep their collections in optimum condition

- art collectors and artists who own artwork on paper, e.g. watercolours, paintings on paper, handmade prints (lino, litho, screen printing, ...), posters, magazines, loose leaf pages, maps, and more

- libraries, heritage institutions, museums, archives

- antiquarians

- private collectors

- anyone that has paper objects, art, or documents that they wish to preserve 

What can we offer you?

- advice on how to store your objects and documents

- advice on how to exhibit your artwork and books

- advice on keeping your library/ books in the best condition

- pre-production advice on which paper to use for your artwork

- fitting out your bookcases with optimum conditions for storing your books

- tutorials and classes on how to keep your books and artwork in the best shape


- dry cleaning 

- washing

- removal of stains

- de-acidification

- tear-repair

- mould removal and disinfecting

- repair of holes and other missing parts

- backing

- book repair

- re-sewing of bookblocks

- re-backing of books

- repairing bookcovers

- repair and upkeep of leather covers

For heritage related services, click here for information