Services for Heritage Institutions by Paper Book and Archive

From our experience in working with Heritage Institutions, Paper Book and Archive has come up with a number of specialised formulas to assist heritage and cultural institutions with the conservation of their paper, book and print collections.

Find a non limitative list of our services below. Visit our Conservation page or have a look at our Portfolio for past realisations.

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Special Collections

Paper Book and Archive can be called upon to care for your special collections.

We will advise, conserve, and restore all works on paper, books, and related objects with the utmost care.

All treatments are documented and extensive reports are made for all objects that have undergone treatment.

We make offers per project or work at a daily rate, depending on the project in question.

We are available to work on site or at our own studio. 

for a list of possible treatment: visit our conservation page here

We are also available to assist you with exhibiting your collection to the public


We will advise you on how to best take care of your collection

- dust prevention, treatment

- light exposure

- air quality

- storage

- pest control

- acid free storage in bookcases and storage facilities

First Aid

We have experience in setting up First Aid treatment for your collections. We will undertake basic conservation practices for your entire collection to keep the collection in good condition pending on funds to undertake more extensive conservation practices. This type of treatment consists of cataloging objects treated and flagging those that need more extensive care. We provide dry cleaning, small tear repairs, treatment of leather covers, repair of back and corners. All treatments are logged. We often work with a team of volunteers (affiliated with your institution) who we will give basic training and who will work under our supervision.

Advice and teaching

You are welcome to contact us for any type of advice you might like, we can consult on site and make up a report for improvements to your facilities and conservation practices

We give training to volunteers and staff at your institution so that they can handle your collection in the best way possible and accidental damage to your collection can be reduced to a bare minimum

We also provide ready made products to help your team in handling the objects in a correct manner according to industry standards.