Materials used and sold by Paper Book and Archive

At Paper Book and Archive we sell a variety of materials for bookbinder, restorers, photographers, and for those looking for beautiful quality papers for their artwork.

We are continually adding new materials. Find a short list of our products or head to our shop for a full overview of all materials sold, here

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Bookbinding materials

- paper for bookblocks

- lined, and dotted paper

- decorative paper

- colored paper

- bookcloth

- waxed thread

- handmarbled paper

- eska board

- carrageenan (powder)

- alum

- oxgal

Photography materials

- ferric amonium citrate

- potassium ferricyanide

Restoration Materials

- wheat starch

- tylose

- Klucell G

- melinex

- holytex

- Paraprint

- smoke sponges

- bamboo spatulas

Artists' supplies

- sketch paper

- pastel paper

- watercolour paper

- paper for graphic design

- coloured papers