Workshops organised by Paper Book and Archive

At Paper Book and Archive we enjoy sharing our knowledge of the paper, bookbinding and conservation business. The owner of Paper Book and Archive has trained as a teacher at the University of Ghent, and she is skilled at transfering her knowledge of a subject to different types of learners. At PBA we give workshops, publish tutorials and we are also available for talks on a multitude of topics related to paper, books, bookhistory, and literature. 

For your information, find a non-exhaustive list of services below

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We offer workshops for both beginner and intermediate learners 

possible topics: 

- basic bookbinding techniques: getting set up

- coptic binding

- soft- cover bindings

- different types of hardcover bindings

- japanese binding

- section sewing

- open back bindings


We offer print tutorials with step by step guides on how to make a particular binding. Different steps are made clear through the use of photographs and drawings. 

We also offer starterpacks which include all the materials needed to make your own book.

We also publish a guidebook on getting started in bookbinding, which covers all the basic knowledge you need in order to produce a high quality binding. The booklet covers choice of paper, basic tools and materials, tips and tricks on construction and finishing of your book.